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It’s challenging to run a business smoothly, with everything that happens day-to-day. But it’s even more difficult to run a business without having a business security system to help keep an eye on things such as internal and external theft, private business data, safes, entryways, etc. Plenty can happen on any given day, so it’s important to protect your business from the inside out. Security protection goes a long way when it comes to protecting your assets, employees and customers from potential harm.

There are many components to today’s business security systems. Many security providers offer features such as video surveillance, remote access and intrusion detection, which are essential for all business— regardless of their size. Other security providers offer additional components such as systems integration and business reporting, which provide smoother daily operations.

ADT provides a wide range of security products and services that cater to both small and medium sized businesses. Many other providers cater to smaller businesses, so ADT business security is an option for businesses of nearly any size.

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Monitoring is continuous and ADT personnel are available 24/7.
  • Burglary Monitoring: This includes perimeter protection, motion detection devices, and window and door sensors as well as panic devices.
  • Video Surveillance and Storage: It allows internal and external cameras to be expertly positioned in key locations. Footage can be recorded and played back for complete inside access.
  • Remote Access: ADT Pulse is the company’s method for remote monitoring. It allows business users to remotely manage and control their business from virtually any location (on a compatible Wi-Fi device, such as a tablet or smartphone).
  • Systems Integration: ADT provides the integration of video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control and perimeter detection, so that everything works smoothly together. These components work in sync and make everything easy to manage and control.
  • Business Reporting: This feature allows you to have a detailed event history of your monitoring system. It lets you track and review your business effortlessly. Included in this are: a web portal, live event notification, area to manage your activity access and a crime map of the surrounding area. and productively

Scout Alarm offers a business security option to small businesses. Systems are DIY and offer a-la-carte device selections. Simply select what tools your business needs for customized monitoring.

  • 24/7 Monitoring: Trained professionals are available 24/7 to monitor the status of the security system. If anything were to happen, emergency personnel are quickly alerted.
  • Remote Security: Scout provides remote security monitoring from web-enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops. This feature also allows the remote ability to arm or disarm the alarm system from anywhere.
  • Mobile Access Control: Remote electronic access control is provided, allowing business owners and managers to remotely grant temporary entry access to personnel after hours.
  • Wireless and Cellular Technology: Scout offers wireless monitoring with cellular technology. This means that systems (and all monitoring components) can be placed anywhere in the building without the need for invasive hardwiring installation. Cellular technology provides app-based monitoring and control.
  • Custom Actions and Notifications: Custom actions determine how the alarm system responds in various situations. Alert notifications are sent via email or text.

Most emphasized about SimpliSafe’s business security systems are that they are wireless, so a landline isn’t required. Upfront, they state that there aren’t any annual contracts or installation fees. Systems are 100% customizable, to accommodate specific monitoring needs. Their monitoring protection service is listed as being $14.99 per month and they provide the following business security features:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Dispatch: Provides around the clock monitoring protection.
  • Smash-Proof Protection: The system notifies the police, even if the keypad is shattered.
  • Wireless and Cellular Technology: This technology can’t be cut and dismantled by intruders.
  • Remote Management: The system can be remotely controlled on a compatible smartphone or laptop. It’s a great feature to have while on the go.
  • Custom Text and Email Alerts: This feature sends notifications as something occurs. It keeps users in the know when it particularly matters. Secret Notifications: These notifications allow private files and restricted areas to be properly tracked.
  • Wireless Sensors: Sensors are strategically placed to fulfill specific security needs. They have a range of 400 feet. Systems can support up to 41 sensors.

Vivint business security systems promote three core elements: smart security, smart energy and smart control. Like ADT, they don’t provide any prices, however, they do offer a free quote to potential customers. Their systems include the following:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: For reliable, continuous coverage, trained Vivint professionals are available 24/7—whenever assistance needed.
  • Wireless Technology: Systems operate on cellular technology, so a landline isn’t required. Other systems may be wired, but Vivint’s wireless feature can’t be cut and disabled.
  • Energy Management: This feature can help businesses save money on energy with the remote management of lights and the temperature. Vivint’s smart thermostat allows remote management of the temperature—helping cut down on unnecessary energy used.
  • Video Surveillance: Vivint’s video surveillance helps monitor things like inventory, customers and employees. It helps keep track of things and seeks to improve business efficiency.
  • Remote Access: This enables live and recorded footage to be viewed anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Integrated Technology: Vivint integrates both video surveillance and energy management to make the business security system run as smoothly as possible.

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