Home Automation Guide

Your guide to making your home a smart home

There was a time not too long ago when technology that allowed you to flip light switches and activate your AC/heating unit from a mobile device seemed like something we wouldn’t witness for centuries to come. But now, home automation is quickly rising as a staple in American homes with the continuous influx of the Internet of Things.

Facts About Home Automation

The home automation system market across the globe is forecasted to grow up to $78.27 billion by 2022, up from $32.11 billion in 2015.

Markets & Markets

In the United States alone, automation systems of some kind reside in 11.2% of homes as of 2016, and this is expected to grow to 31.1% by the year 2021.


On a global level, most home automation revenue is generated within the United States, accounting for $3.759 million in 2016.


How Does Home Automation Work?

Home Controller

The automation controller is the central component in which all interconnected devices communicate with. It is the “mothership” of home automation that connects to one’s home network.


Sensors are what tells the main controller what state a connected device is in. This could be “the door is open” or “closed”. Certain protocols are taken depending on which state the sensor lies. For example, the controller will understand that when a door with a sensor opens up, a light will then turn on.


This is where you as the user interacts with your home automation system. The interface can be anything from a wall-mounted control panel to a mobile device. Popular home automation products will come with a designated web app that allows the user to manage their system.

Is Home Automation Right For You?

When you learn about the capabilities of a home automation system, it may seem like a daunting task to make such a major upgrade to your home. It’s understandable to wonder if, based on your lifestyle, you even find it necessary to make the investment in a home automation system. Let’s break down some scenarios…

You Might Want Home Automation If...


You're Looking for Peace of Mind

If your job or overall lifestyle makes it so you’re away from your home a good portion of time, you may find yourself wondering about the status and safety of your home. Having a home automation system gives you access to your home, even when you are away. Some companies offer live video surveillance solutions, and most allow users to lock and/or unlock their doors from away.

You're Cutting Costs

With the use of smart thermostats and ability to control lights from wherever, you won’t be stuck leaving your home the way you left it. The use of smart thermostats alone can result in up to $135 in savings per year.

You're Looking For Overall Convenience

Home automation technology has been developed with convenience in mind. It streamlines the process between you and controlling the power of your home at any time. If you’ve been seeking out a solution that makes your home life just a little bit easier, then automation might be worth it to you.

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