How We Rate

We look and analyze a range of factors in determining our security provider ratings. Below are the different features that we examine in creating our score.

Professional Installation

We factor whether or not a security provider offers professional installation. Professional installation helps guarantee that all equipment is properly installed and operating at its fullest capacity.


Whether a provider provides 24/7 monitoring is extremely important. And since there are different forms of monitoring, we analyze what types are provided.

Number of Customers

We look at the number of customers to help reflect our rating. After all, there’s a reason why a provider has as many customers as they currently have.

Installation Support

Whether a security provider offers professional installation or has DIY install, it’s crucial that installation support is provided. That way, customers not only have a fully operational system, but the system is operating at its fullest capability.

Mobile Access

With today’s busy on-the-go lifestyle, it’s important to have mobile access to a security system. This allows customers to arm or disarm the system remotely and have a range of other remote functions.

Customer Service

How great is the security company’s customer service? Customer service plays a large factor in determining the rating, since having support is important—especially when there is an emergency.

Base Price

Price is a factor that we strongly consider. Some systems are more costly than others, which could be a reason why customers select one over another.

Base Equipment

We consider what base equipment is included. The more components a system incorporates, the better.

BBB Rating

We look at a security company’s BBB rating to see how the company rates overall. The Better Business Bureau comes up with its rating based on how a business is likely to interact with it’s customers. Rating range from anywhere from A+ to F scores. BBB ratings are a crucial component to look at while dealing with any company—not just security providers.

Upgrade Equipment

It’s great when a security company provides upgrade equipment options. Security packages come with standard equipment, but it’s good to be able to add additional components to a system, when the opportunity is present.

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