Your Guide for Security System Installation

In deciding to get a home monitoring system, you are taking the first steps in protecting your home and loved ones from potential harm. When selecting a system, keep in mind that there are two different installation methods: professional installation and do it yourself (DYI) installation.

There are pros and cons of selecting each one, so when it comes down to it, you’ll have to pick the one that you feel most comfortable with, based on your specific needs.

Professional Installation

Getting a home monitoring system with professional installation allows you to have installers come in and install everything for you. The security company will set up an appointment time to have professionals come out to your home and install a typically hardwire system, though some can be wireless. Hardwired systems are complex, so it is much more invasive than wireless monitoring systems, since it involves drilling and wiring. Some security companies can have installers out as early as that same day or that same week to install your security system.

When you get your security system installed, you are relaying on the professional installer’s knowledge and experience. That means they will know the best product placements throughout your home and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you installed the system correctly. Once everything is up and running, they will go throughout the home with you and walk you through how to use the system.

Depending on your security provider, they may have certain discounts that you are eligible for, such as free home installation or a free monitoring system. These discounts will vary, so definitely check to see what all is being offered.

  • Installers Do the Work for You
  • Get to Receive a Professional’s Knowledge and Experience
  • You May be Eligible for Certain Discounts
  • May Involve Installation Fees
  • Must Book an Appointment Time
  • Hardwired Systems are Permanent, Unlike Wireless Systems
  • Have to Be Home While the Installer is There

ADT Security

ADT was established in 1874, making them the oldest security company. They service 6+ million residential and business customers and offer several different monitoring systems, which includes: The Basic Package, Basic Wireless, ADT Pulse and ADT Pulse + Video.


Protect America

Protect America’s monitoring packages can be DIY, however, they offer installation for $199, if you choose that option. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, that $199 fee is certainly worth the peace of mind.

protect america


Vivint is a wireless security company, which makes installation that much easier and less invasive. They provide 3 different monitoring packages that feature free installation: Smart Protect, Smart Protect & Control, and Smart Complete.


DIY installation puts all the power in your own hands. So you have a lot more flexibility on when and where you install the unit. You don’t have to wait around for someone to install the system. And the real benefit from DIY installs is that it’s free, since you don’t have to rely on a professional to do it for you.

These systems are typically pretty easy and straightforward to install. Companies want these systems to be customer-friendly; otherwise it defeats its whole purpose of being DIY.

The negative part of doing DIY installation is that you have to research where to place the different components of the security system. Without having a professional come out and install different equipment in strategic locations throughout your home, you’ll have to assess the best locations for product placement. You risk not maximizing the features of the security system, such as motion sensors or video cameras.

  • There are No Installation Fees
  • Don’t Have to Book an Appointment Time
  • The System Can Be Modified
  • Requires You to Do the Work
  • Don’t Have a Professionals Knowledge and Expertise
  • Equipment Costs are May Be More Expensive


Customers who order Scout Security value 24/7 professional monitoring while being able to handle their own installation. Build your security system as your see fit, and add more as you go along.


Protect America

Protect America prides themselves on how easy their systems are to install. They provide a DIY option, if you want to waive the steep installation fee of $199.

protect america


Frontpoint is a security provider that offers completely wireless security systems. DIY systems are offered through them, so it is a great option if you want to opt out of paying for installation fees.



Like Frontpoint, SimpliSafe also offers completely wireless security systems. They can really save you money with several cost-saving offerings, which includes: ability to purchase refurbished systems and no service contracts. They too offer a DIY install option.


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