Home Security Stats and Figures

There are plenty of dangers that can happen at any given time. Having a home monitoring system greatly reduces possible threats from happening to you and your family. We have compiled a list of statistics, based on different home security statistics, property crimes, burglaries, assaults, fires and floods. While these facts are in fact alarming, a home monitoring system is a great start in helping you not become another statistic.

  • Approximately every 13 seconds, a burglary takes place somewhere in the U.S.
  • There are a total of 5,400 burglaries every day.
  • Residential burglaries are more likely to result in violence.
  • Most burglaries happen in the summer.
  • Most burglaries happen during the day, when people are oftentimes away at work or school.
  • 34% of burglars entered through the front door; 22 percent entered through the back door and 12 percent entered through an unlocked entryway.
  • Most burglars are non-professionals. They target homes due to desperation.
  • In 2013, property losses reached $4.5 billion.
  • For each burglary, the average home lost an average of $2,251.
  • Over 60 percent of burglaries entered forcibly.
  • 30% of burglaries occur with a burglar entering through an unlocked door.
  • 72 percent burglaries are reported to the police.
  • The police resolve only 13 percent of all burglaries.
  • Without a security system, a home is 300 percent more likely to be targeted.
  • 9 out of 10 burglars stated they would avoid a home with alarm system present.
  • Currently, around 18 million home security systems are installed in the U.S.
  • In 2013, an estimated 17.23 million wireless smart home monitoring systems were sold.
  • Homes without a security system lost an average of $5,000 in burglaries; verses $3,000 in homes with security systems.
  • 22 percent of property crimes are burglaries.
  • In 2013, there were roughly 8.6 property crimes committed.
  • In 2013, property losses were reported to add up to $16.6 billion.
  • Renters are just as likely as homeowners to be targeted in a property crime.
  • Approximately 2.5 million homes annually report a home intrusion in the U.S.


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